Pioneer Ghanaian Actors Support Fight Against Discrimination of Vitiligo Individuals

Some pioneer Ghanaian Actors were present at the premiere of the movie ‘The Spots in the Light’ at the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) hall in Accra on Saturday, to show their support in creating awareness among Ghanaians about Vitiligo. Some of the pioneer actors included David Dontoh, Kofi Adjorlolo, Edinam Atadsi, Kalsoume Sinare, Akorfa Edjeani,who were also part of the cast for the movie ‘The Spots in the Light’ which illustrated the story of a girl battling with stigmatization and rejection as a result of being affected by vitiligo. According to the Producer of the movie, many people discouraged him from embarking on the project.

Despite the joy of having a quite successful premiere, the Producer of the movie, said it wasn’t an easy task. “I was once told that this would not go anywhere. The first time I mentioned this to someone, I was discouraged. But then, I said I would make this work and now, the people who told me it wouldn’t work are the same people congratulating me today”, he said.

In explaining his inspiration behind the movie, the Producer said this campaign was a matter of urgency. ” I think Vitiligo needs to be taking seriously… Let’s not wait till they start killing people or the situation becomes worse before we try to stop it”, he said.

‘The Spots in the Light’ tells the story of girl who is abandoned by her biological mother due to shame of having a child struggling with Vitiligo. Her quest to regain the love of her family and society is a herculean one as Religion and other superstitious beliefs stand as obstacles. In the end, only the presence of adequate knowledge and love for humanity can save her. This very dramatic movie fuses Ghanaian tradition and culture by using local dialects and English to effectively communicate the message to the viewer.

(Left to Right) Actress Kalsoume Sinare and Habiba Sinare.

The movie ‘Vitiligo’ also starred humanitarian Actress Habiba Sinare, and popular comedian ‘Foster Romanus’ who brought some edge of modernity to the film.

By Jerry Wonder

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