‘Water Thrust’ Movie Highlights the Importance of Water Preservation

On Friday 1st July 2022, an environmental film labelled ‘Water Thrust’, illustrated the importance of protecting and preserving water bodies in a fictional story. The movie featured multiple award winning Ghanaian Actor Adjetey Anang among others, in a pre-modern African setting in what appeared to be an adventurous tale full of suspense. The Director of the movie Vincent Krah said that though water was abundant, it should never be taken for granted and therefore, must be protected and preserved at all times. The call for water protection and preservation is timely as issues of illegal mining continues to ravage lands and cause pollution in some parts of Ghana.

The Film Director Vincent Krah was explained that using film to conscientise the public about the dangers of destroying our water bodies was crucial. “Our environment is getting degraded so much. People are destroying everything that God left for us in its natural state. So, we thought of telling a story that would create that awareness that we must protect any water body we find close to us. We believe if we continue to make more noise about water preservation, our children will become more aware and the future will be safe. I don’t want my children to go and fetch water and it would be looking like a cup of Milo”, he explained.

According to the Director Vincent Krah, ‘Water Thrust’ was a collaborative effort of several production companies. The movie was produced by Liberian – American Actor Bobby Valentino Zoe; who also featured in the movie. Other actors included Gianluca Romeo, Gifty Lawson and Nana Ama Tonto.

‘Water Thrust’ joins the slowly growing list of environmental and health related feature films cripping into Ghanaian cinema.

By Jerry Wonder

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