‘All Female’ Hero Movie ‘The Agency’ to Premiere 1st October 2022 at Silverbird Cinemas

A few hours ago, Ghana’s first ever all female hero action movie ‘The Agency’, was officially announced by the Producer Abu Iddris, to premiere on October 1st this year at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra. Legendary Ghanaian Actor Oscar Provencal said that ‘The Agency’ will raise the bar in the production of action movies in Ghana. There were also many compliments from some of the cast present namely Cecilia Anor – Barnieh, Prince David Osei, and Beverly Afaglo. The announcement was made at a press launch at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly Headquarters.

Despite having released the highly-acclaimed action movie ‘Terminus’ earlier this year, filmmaker Abu Iddris’ most recent work ‘The Agency’, has been touted as a benchmark in the world of action movie making in Ghana. Legendary Ghanaian Actor Oscar Provencal who is popular for his famous role in the legendary Ghanaian detective series in the nineties ‘Inspector Bediako’, said that the production of ‘The Agency’ was realistic. “60% of the action in this movie was with actually live explosives. So, what you see is not bench work… 20 feet away from me, things (explosives) were exploding. And the reason for that was, we wanted to make sure that this film was authentic, realistic with no sign of faking. So, everything you see, from the handling of the guns to the fight sequences, are real life security actions that have been taken. And, through his (Director) guidance, I can’t wait to see what is going to translate on screen”, he said.

Oscar Provencal went on to describe ‘The Agency’ movie as not just unconventional, but also revolutionary in Ghanaian cinema. “This particular production was the toughest production in my entire career. But, I think that this is a groundbreaking film on many levels. As Cecilia (fellow cast) said, you do not find our female actors in many lead roles in action movies. If you remember back in America, women were given the ordinary housewife roles, and it took … a couple of Actresses who started doing action movies to change that, and today you see them actually doing that…”

Fellow cast member Actress Cecilia Anor – Barnieh, added her voice to what appears to be a new window open for female actresses in action movies in Ghana. “I love the door that Abu and Vascan Studios have opened for us (females); especially myself, because, I pretty much do a lot of action…We have shown the world that we can do it and we have a lot of great talents here…”, she said.

Also part of the characters in the movie ‘The Agency’ was multiple award winning Actor Prince Dave Osei, who expressed his excitement at the announcement about the movie. “He is one Director who doesn’t just accept anything; he always pushes and makes you give out the best. I played the ‘Chief of Staff’ (in the movie) and I can’t wait to watch the entire movie”, he said.

The Executive Producer of ‘The Agency’ movie Amin Ramart of Vascan Studios, praised the crew and cast for their commitment during the production of the movie. “I cannot overemphasize the dedication of the cast and crew that we had”, he said.

‘The Agency’ features some popular and award winning faces in Ghanaian cinema namely Prince Dave Osei, ‘Ghana Movie Awards Best Actress in 2019’ Salma Mumin, Beverly Afaglo, Oscar Provencal, Manaf Iddris, Jessica Williams, Alphons Menyo to name a few.

‘The Agency’ tells the story of a society plagued with injustice and crime with the only possibility of hope lies in a team of skilled female combatants who may use unorthodox means to get the job done. The catch summarizes it; “Unless there are good bad guys who take on the bad bad guys”.

By Jerry Wonder

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