‘Marriage of Musical & Cultural Destinies’ … Editor’s Remarks

Hardly will you find authentic African stories which give a clear picture of the journey of Africans from the bottom to the top with realistic challenges written by themselves, with no shame to admit to facing such low standards of living and acknowledges the presence of supernatural beings in the timely progress of this journey. This is not your average motivational book, this is seeing into another world through the eyes of another. Often, many success journeys are taken alone, and that’s what makes this story very different. Africans combining their positive energies to cause a shift in the universe and make things happen. This is a biography of two success stories of ex-Liberian refugees: :Samuel Siafa Taylor & Emmanuel Blessed Lavelah.

From the origins and development of these two individuals’ energy, they have been extremely objective in engaging a positive and creative lifestyle regarding their difficulties as refugees. They connected during their respective refugee lives, first meeting at a cultural festival in Togo, and later migrating together to Ghana, where they lived together in the same room in Buduburam (Ghana’s refugee camp) for a long time and did several collaborations.

While compiling records for this jointly written book, they were in different countries, Samuel Siafa Taylor in China, and Emmanuel Blessed Lavelah in Liberia. But they continued collaborating for self-development and for the artistic growth of their common denominator: Liberia. Each person’s biography is on his side of the book.

This tale of what you may call heroes from Africa, is enough reason not for anyone, or any African for that matter, to give up on their dreams irrespective of their backgrounds, past or present, and also to acknowledge that there is no such thing as ‘coincidence’ because, everyone and everything that comes your way was deliberately put there by the universe. Therefore, it is up to you to determine why and make the most of it.

An inspirational book from the motherland. And, they wrote this with no regrets but joy.

By Jerry Wonder Sampson

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