American Singer Jidenna Welcomes Tourists to Ghana as Part of ‘Beyond the Return’ Initiative

International musician Jidenna, who is known globally for his world wide hit song ‘Classic Man’, was in Ghana today to welcome a group of Africans from the diaspora as part of activities in line with the ‘Beyond the Return’initiative. The occasion was made possible by a collaborative effort between the Ghana Tourism Authority and ‘Birthright Africa’. Jidenna reiterated that the success of Africa as a whole was intertwined with collaborations with Africans in the Diaspora, hence, the need for Africans abroad to return home to explore such opportunities. The brief ceremony took place at the Accra Tourist Information Centre.

Addressing the tourists in Accra, musician Jidenna stated that the visit was be no means an ‘ordinary’ one but, it carried many symbolical and even spiritual meanings. “… Out of thousands of Africans nationwide, you all were the 12 that were chosen, and 12 is a very important number, not just biblically, but of course, if you look at history, everytime there was some sought of profit, there was always 12 that rolled with them… So, it’s a big deal that you guys are here. A long legacy has happened before you to get to this moment… Welcome, and enjoy it”, he said.

Jidenna also talked about the purpose of the visit and what it entails.”Right now, you guys are here to learn about precolonial Africa, your history, the future and the present, so that Africa is not just a myth to you or some fictitious moment; this is the real deal, and Ghana is leading the frontier; even as a Nigerian I must say, Ghana is the one that knows the benefit to the Diaspora…”, he said.

Finally, Jidenna ended his speech by sounding a word of caution to all Africans, both on the continent and in the diaspora, stating that unless these two divides unite in their business explorations, Africa may never see success. “Thank you for building a legacy that will change the state of black people globally forever. You will never ever be respected anywhere you walk on Earth until there is a successful ‘Black nation’. And, the only way there will be a successful ‘Black Nation’ is if people from the diaspora work with the people on the continent”, he explained.

The Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ‘Birthright AFRICA’ Madam Walla Elsheikh, also had a goodwill message for the audience. “… We are building an ecosystem for all our partners in the education world, corporate world, entertainment world, and the art world, to be a part of this historic movement. It is beyond time for the African diaspora to reclaim its home … and Ghana is leading the way for the rest of the continent and we cannot be more thrilled to be here”, she explained.

Also present was the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority Akwasi Agyeman, who expressed his appreciation to the tourists on choosing to visit Ghana.

By Jerry Wonder Sampson

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