‘Hankuri’ Draws Crowd to Premiere!

Over the weekend, the premiere of the romantic comedy ‘Hankuri’ starring Comic Actor ‘Kalybos’ and Actress Habiba Sinare, surprised many as a relatively huge crowd turned up at Snap Cinemas in Accra, to witness the first time showing of the movie. There were so many people that some celebrities present were not noticed at first until the size of the crowd slowly decreased as the night drew to a close. Also, the movie ‘Hankuri’ did not fall short of its label as a ‘romantic comedy’ as it filled the cinema hall with laughter; using a mixture of Ghanaian dialect and English. The attendance for ‘Hankuri’ was commendable as not every movie premiere in Accra within the past 6 months has managed to attract such a number of people at their opening.

‘Hankuri’ highlighted the conflicting role of tradition in some social matters in modern society namely ‘Marriage’. The debate on what is needed and what is acceptable in relation to current times, was humorously illustrated in the movie. A scene with Kalybos’ character and his mother, emanated laughter from the audience as she asked a rhetorical question.”Village girl? But, are you not a village boy?”, she said reminding him of the fact that he was also born in the village. However, the conflict needed to be resolved was based on a single comment from Kalybos’ character, “… Tradition is bound to change”, he said amid his refusal to marry his ‘village bride’. There were many funny moments which emanated laughter from the audience.

Kalybos’ character detests being forced to marry a lady from his childhood past, somewhere when he was 10 years of age, but is stunned by her beauty and physical appearance after he sees her in his return to the village after 15 yrs ; after being away for a long time in the city. But, he later, falls out of love with his ‘new bride’ after he fails to adjust to her natural ‘village’ habits. “Don’t expect any special treatment from me, I’m only doing this for my mother”, he said in one scene. Then, realizing that his ‘new found love’ appeared to be existing in a different world from his, he hastily concluded to justify the intention to exit. “My mother gave me a dumb girl for a wife”, he said in a soliloquy.

The ups and downs of what was supposed to be a romantic relationship, created some fun and excitement among the audience and ended with a moral lesson which they cheered and applauded.

‘Hankuri’ meaning ‘Patience’ in Hausa, fused English and native dialects of Northern Ghana set in both pre-modern Ghana and urban Ghana. It was Directed by Kobi Rana and featured popular Ghanaian Actors and celebrities namely Peter Ritchie, Comedian Waris among others, as part of the cast.

At the premiere, other celebrities showed up to commend the efforts of the ‘Hankuri’ production team. They were Actor Anthony Woode, musician Article Wan, Gospel Singer Kofi Sarpong, amongst others.

By Jerry Wonder

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