Pastor Mensah Otabil Offers Hope to the Youth in a Challenged Economy Amid Global Crisis

At the end of the ’40 Days of Power and Greatness’ programme which came off on Friday at ‘Christ Temple’, Teshie, Pastor Dr. Mensa Otabil spoke to a multitude of people mainly comprising the youth, and urged them not to give up on their dreams nor succumb to the current economic hardships. He said it was just a matter of time before things will start falling in place; in his own words, he describe this as a ‘shaking’.

Pastor Dr. Mensa Otabil emphasized on the need to be patient and optimistic in these times. He used teachings from the Christian faith as evidence that indeed, there will be positive changes soon in the various lives of those who believe in the Bible and are not discouraged by the ongoing economic hardship in the country. “The shaking is coming and it will be in a little while… You will live to see the shaking … God determines at what hour the shaking will take place”, he said.

He even cited the effect of the Coronavirus across the globe as incomparable to the effect of what the power of God can do. Therefore, asked the congregation not to doubt God and his word even in these times of uncertainty. “If a little virus could shake the world, can you imagine what the spirit of God can do?”, he asked

From the 21st of June to the 1st of August 2022, members of the International Central Gospel Church, held a 40 days fast with the purpose of strenghtening them spiritually to prepare them for greater achievements in the near future.

The event hosted international Pastors namely Mathew Ashimolo (Kingsway International Christian Center, London) and Bishop Tudor Bismark (Tudor Bismark Ministries, Zimbabwe).

Pastor Dr. Mensa Otabil is popular for making the gospel of the Christian faith practical and more relatable to the average person in Ghana. His church gave birth to the Central University in Ghana which has 211 academic staff, 185 administrative staff and over 8,400 graduates and counting.

The Central University was founded as a pastoral training institute by Pastor Mensah Otabil in 1988. In June 1991, it was known as the Central Bible College. It later became the Central Christian College in 1993 and eventually became the Central University College in 1998. In 2016, Central University College attained the status of a fully-fledged University thus now Central University. The stated aims of the university is to provide an “integrated and biblically-based tertiary education with particular reference to the needs of the African continent”. It is currently the biggest private university in Ghana.

By Jerry Wonder Sampson

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