50 Cent Alleges That Jay – Z Receives Many Awards In Exchange for Bringing Beyonce as a Guest!

Multi-platinum selling American Rapper 50 Cent today on the Breakfast Club radio show with Dj Envy and ‘Charlamagne tha God’, stated that billionaire rapper Jay – Z has been receiving awards from many award shows as a barter deal for bringing his wife Beyonce to the shows. He alleges that such deals are usually agreed upon by both Jay – Z and the event organizer prior to him receiving the awards. He said this while discussing why he, 50 Cent, has missed out on many awards despite being one of the biggest selling rappers of all time.

In explaining why he (50 Cent) has not bagged as many as awards as he claims he deserves, he attributes it to the fact that people were afraid his music would negatively influence others. He also added that rapper Jay – Z contrary to him, was winning so many not necessarily because of his music. “…they afraid their kids gonna want to be 50 Cent if they acknowledge the material (the music), so they don’t give you the trophies; I got the cheques, but I didn’t get the trophies. Jay got all the mutherf*ckin trophies cause he signed that contract … the one with Beyonce. If you don’t sign and give him a trophy, she (Beyonce) ain’t coming (to the awards)”, he said.

Finally, 5O Cent said there was no beef between him and Jay – Z but, just competition as usual. “We do say things about each other; it’s competitive nature. If you don’t have people you are competing with, then I don’t know where you get your additional energy”, he said.

By Jerry Wonder Sampson

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