“Big Brother Africa’ is the Most Pointless Thing on Tv”… Says Ghanaian Socialite Van Calebs

Ghanaian socialite Van Calebs, has registered his displeasure at one of the most watched reality television shows in Africa, ‘Big Brother Naija’. According to Van, the show has no properly carved subject matter but rather, capitalizes on the sexual fantasies of people and the pleasure of living a life without purpose in ignorance under the pretext of exploring different cultures, as an entertainment spectacle. He vented out his concerns on social media yesterday and received mixed responses from people. ‘Big Brother Naija’ has been in the trends recently as the hit television show aires its 7th season.

Known for speaking his mind on social issues and being a dance choreographer, Van Calebs has touched on the lifestyle in the ‘Big Brother’ reality tv show and the purpose of the show. “Big Brother Naija’ doesn’t seem to have any relevant purpose. The housemates are usually people who are desperate for fame and will be willing to expose their privacy for it. Infact, it’s all about sex under the sheets, who is dating who and their issues; nothing intellectual. There reason of uniting people by making them experience each other’s culture is just a cover up; the main thing is sex, romance, alcohol, irresponsible living and the quarrels. All these are against our way of life and traditions as Africans”, he said.

Furthermore, Van Calebs warned of a gradual distraction of the African society thought such entertainment. “When you watch ‘Big Brother Naija’, you gradually and unconsciously begin to accept their way of life; this is a psychological way of colonizing your mind and behaviour. Personally, I think if such a show continues for a very long time, a good portion of the youth will be lost; just look at how many young people attend their auditions? This is evidence that ‘Big Brother Naija’ is really gaining grounds and becoming a major youth influencer”, he said.

Finally, Van said the overall idea of the ‘Big Brother’ reality television show has not impacted the Ghanaian entertainment society positively. ” Just look at the Ghanaians who went on the ‘Big Brother Africa’ show and what became of them after their immediate exit. Eazzy (Musician) who was rising with her career, lost the vibe and her career took a dip afterwards. Infact, she is still trying to make a come back till now. And Reggie Rockstone’s brother and ‘Kwaku T’ also fizzled out after their short lived hype. As for Mimi (big brother house mate), she was criticized by Ghanaians until she left to South Africa for a while and later returned to begin organizing events; but her music career died. So, simply put, this whole idea of ‘Big Brother’ is not helpful to both the housemates and Africans”, he said.

By Jerry Wonder

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