Letter to Peter Sedufia by Socrates Safo

Dear Peter Sedufia,
it is with pleasure I write to you this ‘short’ letter. Doubling as my brother-in-law; I deem it fit to share our ‘cupboard’ conversation so Facebook would remind us every year.

At this stage, it is your sole decision to regard this as an advise to guide you or noise from an old ’gee’ from the past who don’t know “wosop”!

Bro, growing up; I remember this popular saying that, “films are living Creatures that lives till you the creator decides to kill it.” I believe you might have heard it too. All I’m drawing your attention to is, please do not repeat my mistakes by destroying the commercial value of the films you have “Created” today. If you feel that you have finished making the Cinema rounds, please keep them safe under your ‘pillow’. Don’t give it out for free as my old peers and I did to our films out of ignorance. I have over hundred films to my credit, but they have no commercial value today because I ‘ignorantly’ destroyed them. ‘These same people’ will tell you, your movies are now old so give it to them for a good price; since you’ve finished doing the Cinema rounds. Believe you me, that’s a big lie! Don’t fall for that bait. I repeat… Do not fall for that bait!

Do no such thing as agreeing to their supposed ‘business proposals’ of you putting your films on any Distribution platform that will make people watch it for free.

The fact is that films have five-year life cycle. The young ones you see today will soon have the economic power to pay the right price for it, in the next five years. Hence, whatever they will give you today, is just like buying you off your future earnings of your works.

When it comes to streaming, don’t deal with any platform that will say it will share subscription revenue with you; it’s a ‘mirage’. They will give you concocted data and confusing, yet, sweet promises.

You may be fortunate to get ‘noko fioooo’ for the first month, and that will be all you would ever get.

Instead of giving away your films on the silver platter; I suggest you deal with those who will be willing to give you “Pay Per View” deals. That’s more realistic for value, and even though, you still have no control, it’s a rather respectable offer.

For the sake of my daughter and my grandchildren, please ponder over these words from a jealous ‘Opanin totoh’; as some may describe me today, after reading this.… But kindly keep your films in the ‘Commercial Channels of Distribution’ forever.

These beautiful works with interesting story lines can earn your great grandchildren fortunes every FIVE YEARS, if well managed; it’s a fact.

… And well, like I said, it’s a short letter so let me end here by saying, “A word to the wise… Is short”.

Extend my greetings to your stubborn brother Kofi Asamoah for me, please keep an eye on him so he doesn’t push you under an Away Bus agenda!

Yours Sincerely
THE GENERAL a.k.a Socrates Safo

Dated 12th September 2022

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