Miss Malaika Ghana 2022 Update – ‘The Last Supper’ (Final Episode).

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The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass by. – Alek Wek

You have journeyed with the “Emerald” delegates of Miss Malaika Ghana, from auditions to ‘finishing school’ through to the top 20 and the entire competition. The process has presented the 12 young, beautiful intelligent and eloquent delegates sharing the ‘Last Supper’. You have been their guiding angels by voting to continually keep them in the competition. The delegates have been determined and diligent, learning new things and gaining new experiences and have thus come this far.

Tonight, the delegates take you through their “Emerald Journey” from their perspective and share their personal experiences. Join the ride as they share their highest and lowest moments, huddles and challenges as well as expectations amongst others.

Naa Ashokor hosts the final 12 delegates over dinner as being referred to on this episode as the “Last Supper” before the Grand Finale. They talk us through what their expectations were joining the competition and whether or not they have been met. Here is what a delegate opined;

“My expectations have been met. I remember during the auditions; I could barely put my thoughts together. Now I am able to speak up and communicate clearly. I am very proud of my growth on this journey and it has been an amazing experience, one that I would not hesitate to do all over again or recommend to a young female out there looking to be and do better”.

Dressed elegantly in all shades of green and looking “all sorts of” glamour; one could still see through the class and feel the anxiety, dread and fear as the delegates could not cloth their nerves. Each and every one of them wore confidence but could not cover the fear of the final Eviction.

The delegates were blessed with the presence of Miss Ama Tutuwaa – Miss Malaika 2021, one who knows exactly what it takes to be on the journey and has firsthand experience of the emotional roller costa the delegates were going through in the moment.  She shared her experiences and some words of motivation “It is imperative to know that, win or not, you need to maximize this opportunity. You are not the same person you were when you walked into the audition. Take the experiences, connections and exposure to make your dreams a reality”.

Which 2 ladies will say their final goodbyes on this season of Miss Malaika Ghana? Which 10 ladies make it to the finale. Who will be crowned the Emerald Queen at the finale slated for 12th November at the Grand Arena? Who walks away with the Crown, the Car and the Cash prize?

Catch this final episode Tonight on GHOne TV and Mx24 at 9pm and streaming on YouTube: CharterhouseLive and Facebook: Miss Malaika Ghana.

The finale is here, vote for your favorite to become the next Miss Malaika Queen. Simply dial *711*80# and enter the delegate’s code. Visit Miss Malaika Ghana official pages on all socials for more.

‘Miss Malaika Ghana’ is a Charterhouse production and is proudly sponsored by GTP, Club Shandy, and Vodafone with support from Lux, Pepsodent, Vaseline, Ebony Condoms, Locus Estate, Pleasant Gardens and Garnier.

By Charterhouse Public Relations Team

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