Hollywood is Not Stealing Our Audience with ‘Wakanda’ and ‘Woman King’ … Says Actor Vincent E. McCauley

Ghanaian Actor Vincent E. McCauley popularly known as ‘Max’, a character he played in the one time hit television series ‘Things We Do For Love’, a few days ago, debunked the idea that Hollywood is gradually stealing the ‘African cinema audience’ by creating big budget movies with African themes and characters such as ‘Black Panther’ and ‘The Woman King’. His comments come timely as the two aforementioned movies have made huge financial gains both globally and on the African continent after their respective releases this year. He stated this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra.

Actor Vincent E. McCauley said, Hollywood is simply making money with no secret agenda. “The only colour Hollywood respects is green; I’m talking about money. So, if you are doing a movie and they see that it’s making a lot of money, they are going to be making movies along that line; that’s what Hollywood does. Truthfully speaking, nobody ever thought for a minute that ‘Black Panther’ would be so successful… But, when it happened, they said ok, there’s a market here which we have to tap, so, let’s tap it and milk it for all it’s worth, and that’s what is going on. Because, when Hollywood sees something they are going to milk it”, he explained.

Also responding to a suggestion of having more African homegrown actors forming a larger part of the cast in the movies ‘Black Panther – Wakanda Forever’ and ‘The Woman King’, which was absent and therefore may have been evidence of a strategic plot to take over African Cinema with the American ideology, Vincent said there was no basis for that as well. “I don’t think so. Look, Lupita ( an actress in the movie) is Kenyan… She has Kenyan blood flowing through her veins, and anybody looking at her will know that this is an African princess …”, he said.

The huge success of both ‘Black Panther – Wakanda Forever’ and ‘The Woman King’ movie has challenged many African film makers. In Accra at the Silverbird Cinemas, ‘Black Panther – Wakanda Forever’ drew an unprecedented crowd on its first day of showing on the 11th of November 2022. The crowd was so huge that many had to return home without seeing the movie; despite having purchased tickets as the halls were full to capacity. Also, ‘The Woman King’, though released months ago, is still drawing fans to the Silverbird Cinemas, and the management of the Silverbird Cinemas has praised the movie franchise for such a successful run.

By Jerry Wonder

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