Mr Eazi Creates Huge Anticipation for ‘Detty Rave 4’ with Teaser! … As Excitement Builds Over Guest Artiste Speculations

Though scheduled for 27th December 2022, there has been some silence on arguably Ghana’s biggest outdoor musical concert ‘Detty Rave’. But, some hours ago, a buzz was created online as the officially social media page for the ‘Detty Rave’ event stated that announcements regarding the upcoming event were soon to be made. Fans have begun speculating on the likelihood of this year’s edition to be characterized by surprises. However, the Founder and Host of ‘Detty Rave’ celebrated musician ‘Mr Eazi’, hasn’t commented on any major surprises yet.

The official Instagram page for the annual ‘Detty Rave’concert was short and straight to the point. Yet, it was still able to spark anticipations among the fans. “2022 announcements in 5,4,3…”, the social media post read.

Though no international musician has been named as a performer of this year’s ‘Detty Rave’ concert dubbed ‘Detty Rave’ 4′, many fans anticipate the popular American rapper ‘Nikki Minaj’. When Shine Publications interviewed some fans, they stated that due to the ‘heavy weights’ that were performing at other concerts in December in Accra, ‘Detty Rave’ would have to take it a notch higher to match the competition; just as they did last year by bringing American Rapper Rick Ross which was the talk of December last year. And considering the 2020 single the Founder and Host of ‘Detty Rave’ Mr Eazi recorded with American Rapper ‘Nikki Minaj’ , many felt the connection was already established between the two. And now that the American rapper was done with being pregnant and could travel overseas to perform, many though this would be perfect timing for her to come to Ghana.

Nikki Minaj also expressed her interest in visiting Ghana on Thursday 13th October 2022 during a Live chat with her fans on Instagram. She was responding to a question from one of her many fans. “I would love to come to Ghana. I actually may be doing something major, a business type of situation, with an Artiste from Ghana really soon”, she said.

Also, with the resources at his disposal, many fans believe ‘Mr Eazi’ can afford to bring a superstar like Nikki Minaj to Ghana.

This December, other international musicians visiting Ghana to perform at concerts are American Rapper Meek Mill, Grammy Award Winner Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid amongst others.

By Jerry Wonder

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