The ‘shocking’ death of rising Ghanaian musician and GH DanceHall icon, Ebony Reigns, is generating insinuations that may mislead a lot of Ghanaians or even give voice to ‘empty barrels’ and also provide selfish seeking individuals with a chance to manipulate and effect their selfish schemes.

Already, a lot of Christian religious leaders are jumping on the ‘Ebony wagon’ to gain popularity and increase their audience by claiming to understand the untimely demise of the musician.

But, the most treacherous of the emerging opportunistic agenda is the campaign for ‘Ebony Reigns’ to be awarded the ‘Artiste of the Year’ at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. The major entertainment shows that took place last year had one common ingredient that indeed spiced up the events from thrilling the crowd to filling the seats: Shatta Wale! A very evident experience was at the GN Bank People’s Celebrity Awards 2017 at the Accra International Conference Centre. Ebony failed to arouse the audience with repeated dance moves and a quite laid back stage craft. She even said “This place is too boring for my liking”. But when the surprise for the night showed up, despite the dark stage, it was just the outline of his hairline illuminated by the lights behind him that sent the audience into a frenzy! And when the stage lights were in full flare, the audience could not help it but jump out of their seats and rush to the stage to welcome the biggest music icon in Ghana currently, Shatta Wale. He went on to win the biggest award of the night including a brand new Dodge Charger. Need we say more! Shatta Wale has done it all! Even Ghana’s biggest Rap Artiste, Sarkodie, couldn’t do without the special ingredient during the Rapperholic Concert; Shatta. He even began 2018 on a blissful note by signing the biggest record deal in Ghana’s music history with Zylofon Media amounting to $US 1,500,000.00.

Charter House, the organizers of the Ghana Music Awards, should not use the death of one of Ghana’s best female artiste to rob Shatta Wale of what he is due! Everybody knows that dead or alive, Ebony was no match for the King of GH Dance Hall period! Let’s uphold the criteria for the selection and choice of the winners of the various categories in the VGMA’s and not pretend to ignore the principles that laid the foundation for Ghana’s number one music awards which have helped the event stand the test of time.

By: Jerry Wonder

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  1. Biggie

    It’s votes which is going decided who takes wat so let de ppl decide.

  2. Biggie

    Let the vote count

  3. Danny

    Shatta wale all the way! no size!

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