The Life of a ‘Salary Worker’

The Life of a ‘Salary Worker’
By Jerry Wonder

You wake and rush to work even if you have a reason not to.
But you must!
Before the joke is on you!
When your boss fires and hires a new person to replace you!
You must sleep early,
despite your desire to indulge in the left over excitement; as your neighbourhood friends see you rarely.
Time is a catalyst, but to you it’s a slave master, as her intangible whip lashes out at your conscience as a reminder ,
of your pledge to remain loyal to your finder.
He who found you drowning in the deep dark waters of unemployment
and has set you on the mountains of pride for all to see and pay respect to he who would not rob because he has a job,
a form of security,
that provides food on the table and so should be worshiped like a divinity,
especially in times of economic hardship,
this ship will still sail,
and through the wild unpredictable winds,
this captain won’t fail!
For his needs are met thanks to his constant earnings,
as his future plans are clear, so he needs no bearings.

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