The attention of the Women’s Commissioner of the University Students’ Association of Ghana (USAG) has been drawn to an incident that occurred at Bantama within the Kumasi metropolis, in relation to a group of gang boys who raped a young girl believed to be in her teen age a couple of days ago.

The incident, unethically circulated on several social media platforms is clearly an extreme situation of sexual abuse that is highly unpardonable. In as much as the situation is under investigation by the various security agencies, USAG through it’s Women’s Commission would like to categorically express and emphatically state it’s dissatisfaction with the occurrence of such an ungodly incident.

It is an undeniable fact that rape as an act has serious repercussions on its victims and should never be encouraged. It is however unfortunate that, despite the numerous measures taken by various agencies to address this menace, such an abominable act still occurs in the country. Clearly, the gang rape at Bantama remains a highly unfortunate situation which needs to be handled fully with the dictates of the law.

The Women’s Commission of USAG therefore calls on all security agencies and more specifically the Police to expedite their investigations and deal with the culprits in accordance with the law. We as well plead with the general public to desist from sharing pictures and videos of this abominable act on various social media platforms.

USAG will continue to monitor happenings in relation to the situation and also contribute towards addressing and eventually eradicating rape related issues in Ghana. In the mean time, we admonish all university students in Ghana to desist from such practices and call on them to serve as agents in enlightening and educating the general Public on the issue of rape so as to increase public awareness on the various risk factors and subsequently facilitate in addressing this challenge.



Women Commissioner

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