YouTube’s Success in Ghana was based on Music Videos and Pornography. …….survey suggests.

After conducting a survey around Ghana, our team of researchers found out that out of every 200 Ghanaians we interviewed from each region, by face to face contact, online conversations and phone calls, 90% of the interviewees said that what got them on to the YouTube were pornography and music videos. A lot of them said their interest in YouTube came out of curiosity after listening to their friends, and in some cases, hearing rumors about some sex tapes and brand new music videos. Later, some began viewing other related material such as videos of models in sexually provocative gestures or acts on the online video platform as a way of exploring and eventually got ‘hooked’ to the site. The data compiled showed only a few who said that they got on the website because of Nigerian movies, Telenovela episodes, foreign TV series and soccer updates.

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